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    Los Angeles Talent Magazine Is Dedicated To Promoting Upcoming and Existing Talent From The Field Of Music, Dance, Theater,Photography, Arts and Entertainment.

  • Welcome to the April edition of Talent Magazines. After a long spell of winter, Summer is finally arriving across the country and with the rise in temperatures, the human spirit will also take a upward surge. We will see the emergence of new talent and at Talent Magazines, this is what we continuously scout for. When we spot a new talent, we make it our mission to ensure that this emerging talent gets out there among the people and receives the attention it needs to grow and mature.
  • Talent Magazines are a group of magazines launched in October 2009 by Digital Advertising Systems, Inc. The publications were originally conceptualized as print magazines by the publishers but it came into being as an online, interactive publication. In June 2010, the magazines were made available for free downloads and the mobile edition was launched in July 2010. With the completion of its first year of publication in September 2010, the magazines are also be available in print throughout the United States.

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